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Office Hours:
Weekdays 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Community Events:
2016 Spaghetti Dinner

Ombudsman Report June 2015

Employment Opportunity:
None at this time.

There is now an AUTOMATED EXTERNAL DEFIBRILLATOR on site in the Community Hall. This is made available through the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

Township of Chamberlain

Welcome to The Township of Chamberlain website. Please take the time to check out our website and we hope you can visit us in person sometime.

The Township of Chamberlain works closely with the neighbouring municipalities of Englehart, Evanturel and Charlton-Dack to jointly provide services such as the Englehart and Area Public Library, the Englehart and Area Fire Department, the Englehart and Area Museum, Englehart and District Hospital and the new Englehart and Area Community Complex. The township also contributes to Englehart's other recreational facilities.

Children from Chamberlain Township attend elementary school at either Englehart Public School or Holy Family Separate School and most go on to attend Englehart High School.

Chamberlain offers its residents the quiet, peaceful country lifestyle only a few scant minutes from quality schools, recreational activities, health care, shopping and other amenities in Englehart. Highway 11 cuts through the township intersecting all of the townships concession roads affording residents quick and easy access to that transportation artery. By the same token, it allows emergency responders quick and easy access if and when required. Kirkland Lake is less than a 30 minute drive north and Temiskaming Shores is just a little over 30 minutes to the south. On the west side of the township, Hwy 573 provides quick and easy access to Charlton and also connects with Hwy 11 at the South Wye.

With the country lifestyle comes the abundance of wildlife in the area. It is not unusual to see moose, bear, deer, wolves, coyotes, foxes, lynx etc along side roads, fields and even in your back yards; in some cases, literally at your back door. There have even been sightings of cougars in the township. In the spring and fall, huge flocks of geese are regular visitors to the townships grain fields. A more recent addition to the township's plethora of wildlife has been sandhill cranes and raccoons. Although there are no lakes in Chamberlain, there are a good number of lakes within a short drive for fishing and recreational opportunities.

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